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Exploring the reasons why Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & your Insurance Coverage Don’t Mix. You pay a monthly health insurance premium to help cover any illnesses and/or injuries that may arise. This hefty monthly fee is supposed to be your safety net, but what happens when it isn’t?
At some point during their course of treatment, most of my patients delicately ask a variation of the question, “How did you decide to become a pelvic floor physical therapist?”
Pelvic girdle pain is a common yet poorly understood condition that affects women during pregnancy, childbirth, and/or the postpartum period. It is known by multiple different names, which adds to the confusion in the literature and in research. It may be called pelvic arthropathy, oteitis pubis, pelvic insufficiency
Practical suggestions for women dealing with the surprising things that happen to their bodies in the first months after childbirth.


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